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A mobile app that turns ordinary moments into fun and adventure.




In today’s mobile-driven world, where everyone is seeking more meaningful interactions and experiences, TAGit is committed to turning everyday moments into fun adventures.


Creating a global community

Our primary goal was to create user friendly and beautiful mobile app where users can create and accept challenges ranging from simple activities to visiting specific places. Apart from the core functionality, the app needed to foster a sense of community and competition, achieved through global rankings, friend circles, and seamless social integrations.

Comprehensive research & discovery

Our journey started by understanding the target audience. Through user interviews, market research, and competition analysis, we’ve determined the key features and functionalities for the app.

A challenge for everyone

Diverse range of challenges and games for different interests and preferences.

Open rules

Flexible game rules to ensure that challenges are creative and never dull or predictable.

Social interaction

A global community of people competing worldwide or between friends, family.


Leaderboard & rankings to incentivize users to participate more actively and consistently.


Vibrant and engaging interface

Understanding the fun and adventurous theme, we’ve designed an intuitive, vibrant, and engaging UI. Interactive animations, dynamic challenge cards, and a clean global ranking interface ensured users were continually engaged.

User-driven engagement

We’ve allowed users to create their challenges, set criteria, and invite others, ensuring fresh content and user-driven engagement.

Gamification elements

Introducing badges, streaks, and leaderboard rankings incentivized users to participate in challenges more actively and consistently.

Robust backend & scalability

Understanding the potential for growth, we’ve developed a robust backend infrastructure to handle increasingly heavier traffic while ensuring smooth performance.

Challenging people around the world

We’ve designed the app to grow beyond borders, fostering a global community of adventure seekers.


A global movement

The collaboration between Mythod and TAGit serves as a testament to how a clear vision, combined with the right technical and design expertise, can create a mobile app experience that resonates with users worldwide. Tagit is not just an app; it’s a global movement turning ordinary moments into memorable adventures.

Ahmed Al-Rashid



“Our collaboration with Mythod has been nothing short of transformative. Their understanding of our vision, combined with their expertise in software development and UX/UI design, has brought Tagit to life in the best way possible. We’re thrilled with the response from our growing community and look forward to scaling newer heights with Mythod by our side.”

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