The ultimate restaurant management platform

All-in-one solution that effortlessly integrates order management, table bookings, delivery coordination and customer care. Powered by SHFTR.

Built with SHFTR

Diwan Restaurants is fully powered by SHFTR framework.


Diwan Restaurants

Discover how SHFTR changes the game for restaurant owners aspiring to go digital. From order management and table bookings to delivery coordination and customer care, Diwan Restaurants demonstrates a comprehensive solution with virtually limitless customization options.

Restaurant-specific features

Table Reservations

Manage table reservations efficiently, ensuring smooth operation and a seamless experience for your customers.


Efficiently handle incoming orders, manage order status, and ensure a smooth order processing experience for your customers.

Multi-Branch Management

Whether you’re a single-location restaurant or a multi-branch chain, SHFTR allows you to manage each branch individually.

Digital Menu

Say goodbye to static, paper menus. Create your digital menu with delightful images and detailed descriptions in few clicks.


Implement promotions and discounts to attract and retain customers, all while staying in control of your pricing strategy.


Enhance customer choice by offering additional options and extras to complement their orders, all easily configurable within SHFTR.

Real-Time Notifications

Streamline your delivery process, manage delivery areas, and provide real-time tracking updates to keep customers informed and satisfied.


Build trust and credibility among your audience with fully integrated reviews and ratings collected through the apps.

Unleash your creativity with powerful customization

With SHFTR, you have the power to craft beautiful and unique digital experience.

Personalize every product and category, from custom names and images to unique colors and pricing.

Tailor your offerings to resonate with your audience, creating a memorable and engaging online presence that stands out in the digital landscape.

Make it truly yours

Control the look and feel and customize everything from color palettes, typography to imagery out of the box.

Real-time order tracking

Manage your delivery operations seamlessly with advanced features. Set delivery times, locations, and driver schedules with precision. Ensure that your customers receive their orders on time, every time.

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