The power of strategic IT collaboration in banking

Bridging ambition with talent – a journey of tech integration and growth.


Bank AlJazira

Bank AlJazira, a leading financial institution in the region, faced challenges in navigating the intricate digital landscape. With an ambitious project lineup, the bank sought our expertise in IT consultancy & staff augmentation to streamline project their management and ensure effective delivery of their ambitious digital projects.

Bank AlJazira was challenged with

  • An expanding portfolio of digital projects with specific IT requirements.
  • Shortage of skilled and talented specialist to execute projects with tight deadlines.
  • An imperative to source and onboard qualified IT & PMO professionals promptly.


Empowering AlJazira with robust IT solutions and the best talent

Needs Assesment

We’ve started with a deep dive into Bank AlJazira’s projects to gauge their specific requirements. By understanding the bank’s strategic goals, we’ve identified the kind of talent that would be a precise fit.

IT Consultancy

Throughout series of workshops our dedicated team of consultants provided insights and guidance on optimizing the bank’s digital projects, identifying potential pitfalls, and suggesting actionable solutions.

Tech Squads & PMO Staff

We’ve sourced and assembled agile teams of tech experts integrating them flawlessly with Bank AlJazira’s existing teams. These independent squads managed by PMO’s focused on driving projects with speed, agility, and utmost proficiency. From day one, we’ve ensured that each professional, whether an individual or a part of the tech squad, was onboarded with a customized process to fit seamlessly into Bank AlJazira’s work culture.

Continuous Support & Performance Evaluation

Our partnership with Bank AlJazira continues to evolve, addressing concerns, and ensuring the tech teams and augmented staff stays aligned perfectly with the bank’s needs.

Accelerated timelines

The bank reported accelerated project timelines with specialized agile tech squads leading the way.

Efficient project management

We’ve ensured efficient project management and delivery with the specialized IT & PMO staff.

Boost in the productivity

Reported boost in the overall productivity and efficiency of bank’s digital projects.

Seamless workforce integration

We’ve integrated our resources with Bank AlJazira’s operations from day one, leading to a harmonious and efficient collaboration.

Nahim Y. Bassa

Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation


“Our collaboration with Mythod was a game-changer. Their expertise and commitment to aligning talent with our specific needs have undeniably propelled our digital endeavors to new heights. With Mythod by our side, we feel equipped to tackle any digital challenge.”

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