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As one of the largest PepsiCo bottling plants globally, staffed by a highly skilled and diverse team, MenaBev continues to set the bar for efficiency and innovation in beverage production.


Driven by a visionary outlook, the company aspires to maintain its position as the most productive PepsiCo bottling operation in the MENA region while setting the ambitious goal of becoming a billion-dollar company by 2030. 


Our partnership was aimed at creating an unforgettable digital beverage and snack ordering experience infused with purpose and passion.


Exploring challenges and delivering solutions

We have engaged and collaborated to define innovative solutions to the critical challenges that have long affected the beverage industry and our regional market. 


These included quality assurance, market competition and the path to becoming a billion-dollar company with environmental sustainability in mind.

With an in-depth understanding of the company, production lines, and commitment to environmental sustainability, we developed a solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing processes.

  • MEGA Plant: MenaBev’s sprawling PepsiCo bottling plant, covering an expansive 300,000 square meters, ranks among the largest on a global scale.
  • Qualified & Trained Workforce: The dedicated and highly skilled team, operating a state-of-the-art facility around the clock, ensuring the seamless production of refreshments.
  • Production Capacity: With an advanced facility boasting remarkable production capacity, MenaBev strives to consistently exceed expectations in terms of efficiency and volume.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with international-standard production lines and advanced logistics, top-tier production quality and efficiency are a must.
  • Environmental Sustainability: MenaBev proudly bears multiple certifications like PepsiCo Lab Packaging Accreditation, Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), and ISO 17025 Certification.

Ahmed Al-Rashid



Finding a partner who could grasp the scale and intricacies of our operations and craft a tailored software solution that aligns with our vision wasn’t easy. Mythod proved to be that perfect partner. From day one, their team showcased unparalleled expertise, dedication, and a keen understanding of our unique needs.


Developing innovative and scalable solution aligned with MenaBev’s vision

Beautiful Design

By focusing on a user-centric approach, we delivered a design that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive, ensuring that users would find it both engaging and easy to navigate.

Scalable Cloud Solution

We implemented a scalable cloud solution that can effortlessly adapt to MenaBev’s growing demands. This ensures the system remains agile and responsive, regardless of the volume of data or user interactions.

Seamless Ordering Process

Understanding the importance of a frictionless user experience, we developed an effortless ordering system. This has streamlined transactions, making the entire purchase process more efficient for both MenaBev and its customers.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

To provide MenaBev with deeper insights and a holistic overview, we integrated an advanced analytics dashboard. This tool allows for real-time tracking, performance monitoring, and data-driven decision-making, offering MenaBev a competitive edge in the market.


Innovation through design

We’ve delivered thoughtfully crafted design elements, color palettes, typography choices, and user interface guidelines that harmonize to create a delightful and recognizable visual language for the Pepsi App and Website.

Exclusive offers

We’ve opened a world of special deals and promotions for customers from limited-time offers to personalized discounts.

Effortless ordering

Our user-friendly checkout process allows customers to securely save address, payment methods, and preferences for a seamless and hassle-free delivery process, enjoying the convenience of quick reorders and more time savoring their favorite drinks and snacks.


The Pepsi success story

The shift to digital was strategic for MenaBev, with its true success relying on user adaptability. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciated the app’s user-friendly design and the feedback highlighted faster response times, improved order tracking, and real-time updates.


More than just a tool, the app has fostered a closer connection between MenaBev and its customers, showcasing MenaBev’s dedication to innovation and customer-centricity.

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