The art of gifting

An online platform that puts the “personal” back into the gifting.



Boasting collaborations with over 50 local vendors and presenting a diverse array of thousands of gifts, Hadiya is aimed at redefining the essence of gifting. Our primary objective was to design a brand new platform to facilitate the discovery of the ideal gift but also offering users the flexibility to create and share wishlists.

Ahmed Al-Rashid



“Hadiya Registry made our wedding gift registry a breeze. Plus, supporting local businesses added a special touch. Highly recommend!”


Where every gift is a story

In the world of gift-giving, selecting the perfect present can be a maze. Shoppers are often faced with the daunting task of sifting through countless options, striving to find something that aligns with the recipient’s unique tastes. On the other hand, local vendors, the heart of communities, are frequently left in the shadows of the mass-market platforms.

Simplifying Gift Selection

A unified platform to centralize thousands gifts from different vendors.

Gift Personalization

Generic doesn’t cut it and we know it. Customers need advanced search to help them discover gifts that resonate with the recipient’s wishes.

Personalized gifting

Understanding the user was paramount. Through comprehensive user research, we were able to identify not just what users wanted but also anticipate their needs. This enabled us to create gift recommendation engine, define trending product highlights, and create curated wishlists that genuinely resonated with individual preferences.


Beautifully crafted

Beyond functionality, we recognized the importance of visual appeal. The design’s playful colors, captivating illustrations and intuitive layouts made browsing a pleasure, while the strategic placement of call-to-action buttons and clear categorizations enhanced the conversion rate.

A one-stop solution

Hadiya was conceptualized not just as a platform but as a holistic solution offering users a singular destination for all their gifting needs. From discovering the perfect gift to curating wishlists for myriad occasions, Hadiya embodies the essence of effortless, personalized gifting, all under one digital roof.


Gift-giving that's thoughtful, effortless, and truly yours

From recognizing challenges in the gift-giving landscape to exceptional UX, data-backed insights to meticulously crafted software strategy and implementation, Hadiya Registry’s success story is one of vision, determination, and the transformative synergy of technology and purpose.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging advanced cloud technologies allowed the platform to adapt to escalating user demands, guaranteeing swift interactions and seamless operations.

Proactive Maintenance

Through a robust and ongoing maintenance plan, we preempted and resolved potential hitches, safeguarded platform reliability, and continually rolled out enhancements to meet the dynamic needs of users.

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