A framework for digital transformation

SHFTR empowers businesses to modernize operations and create seamless digital customer experiences at fraction of the cost.



In the dynamic landscape of today’s world, the need for robust and user-friendly digital platforms is undeniable. But with the challenges of high costs and complex developments, companies find themselves at a crossroads. Driven by our commitment to unlocking potential and fuelling growth, we envisioned SHFTR – an innovative SaaS framework, enabling businesses to craft impeccable digital experiences, revolutionizing the way they engage online.


Lowering the digital entry barrier

Our vision with SHFTR was clear – to provide a solution that not only addresses challenges of operating online head-on, but does so in a manner that’s both intuitive and cost-effective. With SHFTR, we’re not just offering a service; we’re paving the way for businesses to confidently embrace the digital future, ensuring their growth is unimpeded by technical or operational barriers.

Limited digital presence

It’s not uncommon to find businesses, both emerging and established, grappling with minimal or obsolete digital presences. This limitation acts as a bottleneck, hindering their potential to effectively connect with the online community.

Navigating the technical labyrinth

Not every business leader or entrepreneur comes armed with technical skills. The intricacies of developing and maintaining digital platforms – be it a mobile app or a website – can be daunting. And without expert guidance, it’s easy to feel lost in the maze of technology.

Crafting a distinct digital identity

Every brand has a story, a unique essence. But translating that into a coherent online persona – complete with resonant logos, signature colors, and typography – can be a significant challenge. Consistency is key, and many find it challenging to project their brand’s ethos seamlessly across digital channels.

Operational complexity

Beyond the aesthetics and technicalities, businesses, irrespective of their domain, grapple with operational complexities. Be it inventory management, order processing, or orchestrating efficient delivery systems, the operational facet demands a holistic digital integration, something many platforms fail to offer.


SaaS with powerful customization

Understanding the fun and adventurous theme, we’ve designed an intuitive, vibrant, and engaging UI. Interactive animations, dynamic challenge cards, and a clean global ranking interface ensured users were continually engaged.

Framework-Based Platform

SHFTR is a framework rather than a fully designed application, allowing businesses customize and personalize their digital presence according to their unique operational requirements.

Brand Customization Tools

The core functionality of SHFTR allows brands to easily integrate their branding elements, including logos, colors, typography, and images ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SHFTR is offered as a service and is available via a subscription-based model, reducing the need for extensive in-house software development and maintenance.

End-to-End Integration

SHFTR enables companies to build complex software solutions covering entire processes. For example, from order management to delivery logistics.

Full customization of your app

Tailor your brand experience

With SHFTR, you’re in control of every design detail


Customize buttons, colors, typography, and images to craft a unique and visually stunning app that perfectly represents your brand’s identity and vision.

Streamline your operations

Simplify inventory control, product updates, and customer interactions from a single, intuitive platform.


Discover the potential

Explore the robust capabilities of SHFTR in a real-world setting.

Built with SHFTR

The ultimate restaurant management solution – from seamless order handling to delivery coordination, all in one platform.

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